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We do Blood Cell Analysis here. Through that, we are able to determine a plethora of root cause issues like parasites, auto-immune, viral, inflammation, stress, cancer cells, and the list goes on. We then target those issues using all-natural methods with herbs and supplements.

Unfortunately, no. However, we can type out an itemized receipt as well as a letter of medical necessity that you can send to your insurance company. It has worked for some people.

Typically, after your first appointment, we will want to see you in 8 weeks. After that, it differs from person to person. It could be every 8 weeks, every 6 months, or once a year.

We are in Rockford, IL, on State Street, across the street from Rockford University. We are in the same building as Caraotta Chiropractic. They are in the back, and we are in the front with doors facing the street. There are parking spaces right in front of our doors. You can also park in the Sherman Williams parking lot.

Rachelle Cain has 12+ years experience in the health and wellness industry and Dr.Kimberly has almost 30 years of experience.

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