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Cell Revival Tincture

Cell Revival Tincture


DW Cell Revival is a Biotoxin Neutralizer that is carefully formulated as a full spectrum, concentrated extract that is designed to protect your 37 trillion cells and approximately 250 different types of cells that you are made up of.

We replace on average 50-70 billion cells every single day of our life as a healthy turnaround, leaving about 300 million to die every minute you breathe life. Those suffering with chronic issues and illnesses have even a greater loss that often requires rescuing with a strong reckoning force against the biotoxin enemies.

DW Cell Revival is chocked full of organic polyphenol, antioxidant, vitamin and mineral properties. Our extraction process maintains the plants active ingredients, integrity and earthly balance by utilizing the whole fruit and keeping it in its original and truest form as God intended.

Full spectrum, concentrated extraction using only natural organic raw ingredients allows DW to deliver the utmost quality to your cells to ensure vibrant health and healing.

Our DW Cell Revival combats the degeneration of cells that are constantly under siege due to the daily environmental stresses, chemical substances and pathogens that continually attack our systems.

DW Cell Revival neutralizers, counterbalances and disarms the effects of harmful and unwanted chemicals and pathogenic activity in the body at the cell level to allow repair, restoration and homeostasis.

If you suffer from a lack of energy and vibrancy, chronic illness, auto immune issues, hormonal shifts, weight fluctuations, skin issues, are slow to heal, brain fog, lack of interests and motivation, aches and pains, inflammation, insomnia and general malaise then DW Cell Revival is for you!

This is the most delicious supplemental product that you will ever taste. You literally will want to drink the entire bottle, but don't, it is so concentrated that all you will need is 60 drops twice a day, sublingual or in your favorite juice, smoothie, shake or water. Take morning and afternoon for restorative repair and rebuilding.

This delivers polyphenol and antioxidant particles from the plants/fruits to go in and disarm free radicals that cause damage to the cell. It's like putting baking soda, (a positive) on a bug bite, (a negative) to neutralize the sting per se! Like adding water to a fire. It's a chemical process inside the body using natural constituents. ​

Directions: Add 1-60 drops in water 1-4 times a day as directed by your DW Practitioner

Ingredients: Whole fruits, skins, leaf, stem, seeds, pits of cherry, pomegranate, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry. Perfect temperature during extraction, condensing and concentration process for optimal bioavailability of polyphenols, antioxidant, vitamins, minerals and critical enzymes.

​All of our formulas are carefully assembled by the Discovering Wellness staff in our own facilities. We do not mass produce our products in a factory and are therefore able to guarantee they contain all the ingredients listed.

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