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Blood Sludge Detox Tea

Blood Sludge Detox Tea


Do you need to clean and purify your blood, this is the tincture that does just that. Clean the sludge from your plasma so that your RBC's can flow freely throughout your circulatory system. When there is sludge your cells cannot absorb and deliver the oxygen, nutrients, supplements or medications adequately to the tissues and organs to sustain them at an optimal level. Everyone needs this tea at least twice a year to purify the chemicals of daily life out of your blood.

Teas made with 1-2 formulas use 2 1/2 Gal Distilled Water

Teas made with 3-5 formulas use 3 1/2 Gal Distilled Water

Teas made with 6+ tea formulas use 3 3/4 Gal Distilled Water

Individual tea combinations can be added depending on ones health care needs.

Directions For Making Tea:

  1. Bring all packages of dried herbs to a boil for 20 minutes in the correct gallons of purified or distilled water listed above.
  2. Steep for 6 hours with the lid sealed tightly.
  3. Cool until no longer any steaming heat.
  4. Strain through fine strainer and/or cheese cloth.
  5. Add any other ingredients needed from the list given by your DW Practitioner but only AFTER the tea has cooled AND strained.
  6. Bottle and freeze all but one (1) gallon.
  7. Thaw each container naturally when needed, using no heat to thaw.

Ingredients: Spirulina, Chaparral, Poke Root, Sassafras, Dandelion, Burdock, Cleavers, Nettle, Hyssop

​All of our formulas are carefully assembled by the Discovering Wellness staff in our own facilities. We do not mass produce our products in a factory and are therefore able to guarantee they contain all the ingredients listed.

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