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Essiac Plus Detox and Support Tea

Essiac Plus Detox and Support Tea


Discovering Wellness is proud to offer our Essiac Plus Detox and Support Tea, an enhanced version of the original Ojibwa Formula that incorporates additional filter support. This powerful blend is renowned for its potential to provide cancer support, pancreas and diabetes support, immune enhancement, blood purification, and detoxification.

This unique six-herb blend has proven to be highly effective in supporting individuals through chronic illnesses and diseases.

When it comes to cancer support, Essiac tea has garnered attention worldwide for its remarkable healing potential. While conventional therapies like chemotherapy can have side effects on the body, Essiac Plus is designed to not only rid the body of toxins but also boost the immune system, strengthen the blood, and increase overall vitality. Many users have experienced elevated energy levels, which can be especially beneficial during conventional treatments, surgery, or when rebuilding health.

Our Essiac Plus formula acts as an exceptional blood purifier, diuretic, diaphoretic, and mucilage, effectively cleansing the body and aiding the kidneys in filtering impurities from the blood. It clears congestion in the respiratory, lymphatic, urinary, and circulatory systems, making it a potent anti-inflammatory remedy. Additionally, it can help break down tumors, has antibiotic and anti-microbial properties, and revitalizes the entire system.

This formula's gentle laxative action stimulates the secretion of bile into the intestines, promoting liver cleansing and relieving chronic liver problems. It can alleviate constipation and diarrhea, improve digestion, stimulate peristalsis, and increase mucous production in the intestines.

The antioxidant properties of Essiac Plus protect the liver from toxic chemicals and promote hormonal balance by allowing the liver to process naturally occurring steroids. It stimulates the release of gastric juices, aids digestion, and helps neutralize excess stomach acid.

Our blend contains high levels of essential nutrients, vitamins (A, B complex, C, D, E, K, and P), and minerals (calcium, iron, silicon, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, manganese, iodine, chromium, selenium, phosphorus, and copper). It also contains beta-carotene and chlorophyll and is rich in various organic acids.

Crafting your Essiac Plus Detox and Support Tea is a simple process. Depending on your health needs, you can choose to use 1-2 formulas, 3-5 formulas, or even combine 6+ formulas. Follow our detailed instructions to brew, steep, cool, strain, and, after it has cooled and been strained, add any recommended ingredients from your DW Practitioner. Remember to bottle and freeze all but one gallon to have it readily available when needed without the use of artificial thawing methods.

We are confident that our Essiac Plus formula is one of the most effective Essiac blends available globally, thanks to the high-quality ingredients we use. The success stories of our satisfied customers stand as a testament to the quality and effectiveness of our products.

Prioritize your health with our Essiac Plus Detox and Support Tea and embark on a journey toward holistic well-being and vitality. Your satisfaction and health are of utmost importance to us, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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