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HTMA Lab Test

HTMA Lab Test

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Dr. Kimberly Kaye Castaneda is affiliated with Trace Elements Inc. Lab, a partnership that elevates her ability to provide you with comprehensive health insights through Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA). With her certification in HTMA Mineral Mastery, Dr. Kimberly utilizes this valuable knowledge to formulate a tailored protocol aimed at restoring your body to its natural state of balance through mineral optimization.

Her belief in "letting the dust settle," as she aptly puts it, reflects her commitment to addressing the crucial mineral ratios and their antagonistic toxic heavy metal counterparts within your body. Just as we are formed from the dust of the earth (minerals), Dr. Kimberly strives to guide you back to the healthy equilibrium intended by nature.

Dr. Kimberly Kaye Castaneda offers flexible options for consultations, including mail-in kits and phone consultations, ensuring accessibility regardless of your location. Whether you prefer in-person discussions at her Illinois-based Discovering Wellness Holistic Healthcare Clinic or remote consultations via Zoom or phone calls, she is here to assist you on your wellness journey.

Here's a breakdown of the fees:

  • Initial Analysis and In-Depth Reports with Protocol Plan: $279
  • Phone Consultation: $50 per 30 minutes
  • Follow-Up Analysis: $179

With over 25 years of experience as a board-certified naturopath specializing in Live Blood and Dry Cell Analysis, Dr. Kimberly brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. She firmly believes that there is no deeper level of healing within the human body than that which involves minerals, blood, and tissues. This synergy between HTMA, Live Blood, and Dry Cell Analysis forms the foundation of her holistic approach, complementing and reinforcing the healing process.

HTMA is a game-changer for individuals seeking long-term healing, stability, and optimal wellness. This unique lab report can reveal a wealth of information, such as:

  • Toxic Elements: Identifying toxic heavy metals and their levels within your body
  • Toxic Ratios: Evaluating the balance between protective nutrient minerals and heavy metals
  • Nutritional Elements: Understanding the role of essential nutrient minerals in various biological functions
  • Significant Ratios: Exploring critical nutritional mineral relationships for a holistic view of your health

Progress Evaluation is a key component of HTMA, with retests recommended after 2 to 6 months. These follow-up tests often yield different results, reflecting the impact of your personalized plan and protocol. By continuously monitoring your progress, adjustments can be made to further optimize your biochemical balance.

Hair is an ideal medium for mineral testing and is endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a preferred tissue for assessing toxic heavy metal exposure. A sample of hair close to the skin offers a window into the past three to four months of your mineral activity, depending on your hair growth rate.

Trace Elements Inc. utilizes highly sophisticated analytical methods to determine mineral levels in the hair. When performed meticulously and interpreted correctly, HTMA serves as a valuable screening tool for identifying mineral imbalances, excesses, and deficiencies and their impact on your overall health.

Minerals play a vital role in numerous bodily functions, from cellular metabolism and structural support to immune functions and DNA activity. Multiple factors, including dietary habits, genetics, stress, and environmental factors, can influence mineral nutrition and contribute to nutritional imbalances. Dr. Kimberly aims to address these imbalances to help you achieve vibrant health and wellness.

It's important to note that the HTMA lab report provides additional information for your attending healthcare professional and should not be considered a diagnostic tool. The test results adhere to stringent analytical procedures, ensuring accuracy and reliability in accordance with governmental protocols and Trace Elements, Inc. standards.


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  • Please BE ADVISED: HTMA is considered a very accurate screening test for mineral and toxic elements; however, it is only as accurate as the hair sample is free of contamination. Any contamination (shampoos, dyes, or environmental factors) may lead to certain mineral levels being affected.

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