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Qualitative Live & Dry Blood Microscopy with Rachelle Cain

Qualitative Live & Dry Blood Microscopy with Rachelle Cain

From $90.00

Discover the depths of your well-being with a Qualitative Live and Dry Blood Microscopy session guided by Holistic Health practitioner Rachelle Cain. Dive into the fascinating world of microscopy analysis (learn more here).

This comprehensive appointment offers live and dry blood cell analysis combined with an insightful consultation. You'll receive same-day results and a personalized protocol to steer your wellness journey in the right direction.

To secure your appointment, simply reach out to us. Please note that all New Patient Appointments require pre-payment to reserve your slot. These appointments are highly detailed, typically lasting around two hours.

New Patients encompass individuals who are new to Live Blood Cell Analysis with Discovering Wellness or haven't undergone this experience in over a year. Follow-up appointments are available for those who have visited within the past year.

Embark on a path to improved well-being and explore the inner workings of your health with Rachelle Cain. Your journey to wellness awaits!

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